Hoakalei Today

Envisioned to become one of Hawaii’s most coveted resort destinations, Hoakalei has taken the best ideas from the world’s most celebrated waterfront and resort destinations and integrated them into an authentically Hawaiian setting.  

A 726-acre master-planned resort community adjacent to the Pacific Ocean on the southwestern shore of Oahu, Hoakalei Resort is a 24-mile drive from Waikiki.

The resort currently features four residential neighborhoods as well as the private Ernie Els-designed Signature Golf Course at Hoakalei Country Club. A waterfront recreation and entertainment destination, currently under construction, is planned to feature the world’s largest deep-water standing surf wave, along with other fun and exciting water activities on Hoakalei’s 52-acre Wai Kai recreational lagoon, restaurants, café, retail and events.  

The Story of Hoakalei


In Hawaiian, Hoakalei means “reflection of a lei.” Hawaiian legend tells how Hi‘iaka, the favorite sister of fire goddess Pele, journeyed across the vast Honouliuli Plains of Ewa. Stopping by a tranquil spring, she saw two lehua trees on either side of the spring and made lei out of the blossoms. She then saw herself reflected in the water’s surface, adorned with the garlands of lehua. This spring’s name was Hoakalei.