The Wonders of Wai Kai

300 Million Gallons of Fun

Wai Kai’s Inland waters defies categorization. A deep-blue jewel that sparkles with 300 million gallons of water, it’s among the largest man-made bodies of water on earth. And here, just about anything goes. Whether it’s sailing, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding or learning the sport of windsurfing, Wai Kai is destined to lure the athletic, the adventurous and those with a passionate zeal for the out-of-doors. 

An Island Oasis

A Sanctuary To Call Home

Wai Kai. Its very name is a poetic marriage of Hawaiian meaning: Wai, water and essence of life; and Kai, ocean water that sustains and heals. This uniquely magical place where the waters of the Pacific meet the waters of Wai Kai will soon become an oceanfront destination unlike any other in the Hawaiian archipelago.