The Wonders of Wai Kai

Wai Kai. Its very name is a poetic marriage of Hawaiian meaning: Wai, water and essence of life; and Kai, ocean water that sustains and heals. This uniquely magical place where the waters of the Pacific meet the fresh mountain waters is the Wai Kai Lagoon, the planned centerpiece of Wai Kai at Hoalakei. 

When complete, Wai Kai at Hoakalei is envisioned to become a vibrant and exciting waterfront resort destination and residential community where the island lifestyle is both celebrated and embraced. It is planned to be an active year-round destination where residents and visitors connect to the water, land and Hawaiian culture by experiencing unique and engaging attractions, signature events and the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Planned amenities include recreational activities on the 52-acre Wai Kai Lagoon, an extensive trail system, access to shoreline activities, future hotel, future residences, and more.